The first emerald museum is in Bogotá

From now on Bogotá is appreciated for being the only city in the world that has an exhibition room only for this precious stone. More than 3.000 pieces make part of Its collection.

Some of the best emeralds Chivor mines, Muzo and Cascués of Boyaca and Cundinamarca Gachalá are exposed in the 670 square meters occupied by this museum.

At the entrance to this hall attendees will receive a white helmet protection to enter a tunnel or adit, where you can appreciate the activities of a miner in search of an emerald.

In this area visitors will receive a talk by a guide who will explain briefly how the process of exploration and exploitation of the green gem.

After traveling 15 meters inside the tunnel, attendees move to a room where you will find carved stones in their natural state of extraction.

Also you can see a collection of emerald pendants, necklaces, pre-Columbian figures and animals.

In addition, pieces of rock formations of the green gem, where attendees will be able to differentiate their quality and purity.

The idea was born more than 30 years when Alberto Sepulveda, one of the leading exporters of emeralds in the world, saw a diamond museum in Munich, Germany. “If we have the best stones in the world why don`t we have a showroom,” said to Bogota`s Portal.

Sepulveda, with the actor Herbert King, created the International Emerald Museum Foundation which aims to help the education of the child miners of gold, coal and emerald of Colombian territory.

”The pieces found here are valuable because they are unique stones not found anywhere in the world and their difficult removal, “said King.

According to the creators of the foundation, an emerald can cost from $ 10 to $ 4 million dollars.

The International Emerald Museum  is located on floor 23 of Avianca building in Calle 16 with Carrera 6.

Visiting hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and the entrance fee of 10,000 pesos for adults and 5,000 children. For more information call 2864259 and 2864258 phone.