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Jewelry Warranty:

The guarantee for manufacturing defects for jewels in gold, silver and other materials is six (6) months from the date of invoicing of the product.

It does NOT cover the natural wear and tear that the product suffers from use, or damage caused by misuse of the product, such as:

  • Blows by accident. (This includes the Emerald encapsulates in glass).
  • Resale chain or bracelet
  • Rupture or loss of precious stones, or any stone set in the jewel
  • Damage originated in the jewel by contact with: sweat, chlorine, salt water, chemicals, cleaning products, makeup, hot water, perfumes, creams and lacquers.
  • Intentional damage of the jewel to extract one or several gems (our experts evaluate the photographs sent by the client and / or the physical piece, after their analysis determine if the piece was exposed or modified intentionally).
  • Change in the natural state of the precious or semi-precious stone. The jewels in white gold require periodic maintenance (Rhodium plating) to preserve the brightness and color. Rolling with use, contact with creams, perfumes and soaps tends to get lost, which is not a factory defect of the product and therefore the warranty does not cover it.

Procedure for guarantee claim:

1.Present personally or through certified and secure courier the piece to our point of attention of MUSEO INTERNACIONAL DE LA ESMERALDA, located on Calle 16 # 6-66 Avianca Building, 23rd floor Bogotá, Colombia, together with the proper invoice to purchase the product (original or copy), issued a maximum of six (6) months before the claim.

  • The goldsmiths and workshop professionals evaluate the piece to determine the reason for the damage and determine whether or not the warranty on the product received is effective.
  • The respective repair format (WS003), which contains all customer information, status, damage and result of the product evaluation, is completed. The report will be sent to the client via email, social network, instant messaging and / or text message, as well as the times and manner of delivery of the product with the customer according to the location (city or country of residence), shipping costs, etc. Whether the guarantee is effective or not.

Online shopping

  • Online purchases are subject to product availability and / or preparation time for the requested design.
  • A minimum of twenty-four (24) hours is required to confirm the online payment made by credit card, debit, consignment or bank transfer. For international transfers a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours is required for confirmation of the transfer of funds. However, Museo will communicate to its client permanently any news related to the transfer, through email, whatsapp, direct line or any other means that the client will provide at the time of purchase.
  • The images published on our official website are approximations of the natural and real appearance of the products. Note that a photograph is not identifying the product, the type of camera, the flash light and the editing of the photograph modifies the hue and color saturation in the image. Museo Esmeralda International will not be responsible for the confusion or misunderstandings generated by the definition of the screen and the technical generalities of the monitor and the computer equipment from which the user accesses museodelaesmeralda.com.co that does not allow the coincidence 100% of the color and the characteristics of the product since the display of the color and characteristics depends, in part, on the monitor and the device you use.
  • The shipping cost will be borne by the customer. However, in the Customer-Museum communications, the most convenient logistics method will be established for the client in terms of: Insurance, place of delivery, logistics costs, courier company or courier, personalization of the delivery or direct transfer of Museum personnel.


We have made a commitment to ensure that each product strictly complies with our quality criteria and that it has passed all controls, both technical and aesthetic.

The selected products are covered by the applicable Guarantee of the International Museum of the Emerald. If you wish to request the repair of a product covered by the applicable Guarantee of the International Museum of the Emerald, we suggest that you consult the conditions of said Museum Guarantee and call our PBX Customer Service Center: (+57 1) 745 9707 – (+57 1) 756 2754 extension 107, Whats-App (+57) 316 832 1180 or write to info@museodelaesmeralda.com.co for more information.

As a consumer, you may have legal rights under the applicable legislation governing the sale of consumer goods; These legal rights will not be affected by these applicable Sales Conditions of Museum.

Jewelry Handling:

Read carefully and follow this usage protocol. Our recommendations will allow you to enjoy your gems or jewelry pieces in excellent condition without subjecting them to permanent maintenance or professional polishing.

For both fine jewelry (pieces made of precious metals) and for jewelry, you can use simple elements such as warm water, soap and an extra soft bristle toothbrush to clean your jewelry, then dry with a microfiber cloth.


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